The first bonito of the season

The first bonito of the season
The first bonito of the season

#Ryotei Kinonene in #Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Good morning. Good morning. Good evening.

Aoba in my eyes, mountains to the east, the first bonito of the season.

Good morning. A haiku by Sodo Yamaguchi, a haiku poet of the Edo period.

The haiku is a haiku that expresses the sense of the season well, but the correct phrase is “Aoba for the eyes...”.

Early summer is the season for bonito. Bonito that spent the winter in the warm southern seas ride the Kuroshio Current northward along the Pacific coast from April to May.

The first bonito was said to be “pawned for a wife,” but the “first bonito of Soshu” landed in Kamakura was especially prized, and was delivered to Edo (present-day Tokyo) by fast boat.

In recent years, with the Kuroshio Current meandering and other drastic changes in nature, it may not be the same as it was in the old days.

We should enjoy eating seasonal delicacies from season to season. Please contact Kinonene Ryotei for your orders.


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