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Dedication.  Thank you very much.
Dedication. Thank you very much.

#Ryotei Kinoene in #Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.


Thank you very much.

Offering a toast at a Buddhist memorial service

In the toast offering at a memorial service, you should first express your gratitude for the gathering. You may also wish to remember the deceased by sharing memories of the deceased.

Greeting at the dedication of a toast at a memorial service

Thank you very much for attending today's memorial service for the first anniversary of the death of 00 (name of the deceased). Thanks to your support, we were able to complete the first anniversary memorial service without incident, and I am sure 00 is relieved. Since 00 was a person with a strong presence, I feel as if 00 is still by my side. We have prepared a small meal for you, so please enjoy it while remembering 00 and praying for his repose. Now, everyone, please join in the offering of a toast.

The offering of a toast.

Thank you very much.

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