offering a drink

offering a drink
offering a drink

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What is a dedication of a toast? Proper etiquette, timing, and notes you should know.

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Some people may be familiar with the term "dedication of drinking," but may not know exactly what it means. Without knowledge of the ritual, you may feel confused at funerals, memorial services, and other events. This article will therefore explain the proper etiquette, timing, and points to keep in mind when making a dedication.

What is a cup offering?


Offering a cup to the deceased

Dedication of a cup is the act of offering a cup to the deceased as a sign of respect and remembrance. It is customary to offer a cup of sake at a dinner after a funeral, memorial service, or other mourning event. In addition to formal occasions such as a dinner after a memorial service, a cup offering may also be held at a meal held in memory of the deceased among close friends.

However, there are no clear rules and regulations regarding the offering of a toast, and there are regions and religious sects that do not practice toast. It is advisable to first consult with someone who is familiar with the local area, the staff, or the family temple, and discuss whether it is necessary to offer a toast.

The meaning of "toast" is different from that of "cheers.

Toast" is a word similar to "offering a toast," but the two have different meanings. A toast is mainly made at celebrations and congratulatory occasions, and is intended to enliven the occasion. The toast is made in a lively atmosphere, with the participants clinking their glasses and clapping their hands together.

On the other hand, the offering of a toast is performed in a solemn atmosphere, as it is not intended to enliven the mood, but to remember the deceased. There is no clapping or cheering, and after the toast is offered, the glass should be sipped quietly.

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