offering a drink 2

offering a drink 2
offering a drink 2

#Ryotei Kinoene in #Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

When is the dedication of a toast performed?

We mentioned earlier that the dedication of a toast is performed during a mourning ceremony, but when exactly is it performed? Here we will discuss the timing of the offering of a toast.


After the funeral ceremony

One of the occasions when a toast offering is performed is at the shoshin ochoshi after the funeral service. Shojin Oriki is a time to express gratitude to those who attended the wake and funeral and to talk about memories of the deceased among the attendees.


Gosai during a Buddhist memorial service

The offering of a cup of sake is also performed during the otsuki at a Buddhist memorial service. The Gosai is a place where food is served to the participants in the memorial service and to the priests. It is also meant to mourn the deceased by sharing memories of the deceased. There are various types of memorial services, such as 49th day, 1st anniversary of death, and 3rd anniversary of death, but basically all memorial services are held with a toast offering.


Proper Manners of Dedication

Dedication of a toast has a completely different meaning from the "toast" we usually make, and has a different manner. The following is an explanation of the proper etiquette for offering a toast, so be sure to keep it in mind.


Manners for Offering a Toast

There are several manners that attendees need to be aware of when offering a toast. Since there are some rules that are unique to the offering of a toast, it is important to understand the manners beforehand, rather than thinking that "it is all right if you just go along with your surroundings" or "you can just act according to the situation at hand.


Do not pour the drinks yourself.

It is good manners not to pour the drinks yourself at the dedication. Once you are seated at the table, wait for alcohol or soft drinks to be prepared. Generally, the staff of the funeral home will prepare the drinks, but in the case of a small dinner, the mourners may pour drinks into the glasses of each attendee.

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