~The origin of the name of the room
~The origin of the name of the room

The current Kuki City was created in 2010 through a major merger of the then “Kuki City,” “Washinomiya Town,” “Kurihashi Town,” and “Shobu Town” into one city and three towns.

Each “town” has a history of development. We believe it is important for the people of the new city to share the pride of this history and introduce it to the people of other cities and towns. Cultural assets, in particular, are easily buried by the passage of time, despite their importance. In many cases, they are only known to a few people who are “in the know,” and it is only through their efforts that they are finally preserved.

 We have asked local historians to carefully select from among the cultural assets in each “town” those items that are valuable keys to unraveling the history of the “town”. Surprisingly, these valuable assets were not widely known, even among the people who live there.

 We have named the rooms in the new building after these precious cultural properties that have been buried in the recesses of our memories over time. We hope that this will help you to renew your interest in the history of the city.